Marc Hart "How to implement Walberg 2-2-1 press" by Marc Hart

Marc Hart "How to implement Walberg 2-2-1 press"

Coach Hart Virtual Online Clinic covers roles of each player, how to implement, drills, and philosophy of this great defense.

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System Basketball Clinic- Marc Hart _How to Implement the Walberg Press_.mp4
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System Basketball Clinic Marc Hart _ How to implement the 2-2-1 Walberg Press _.mp4
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How to Implement Walberg Press Notes
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​Marc Hart presents a very thorough coverage of the Vance Walberg 2-2-1 full court press with particular emphasis on progressions in teaching. His presentation is especially thorough covering nearly all stages of the press.  I think you'll agree that he has a complete understanding of this particularly productive pressing scheme.  Having studied Vance Walberg, Eric Bridgeland and run it himself you'll find his presentation to be very helpful if you are considering implementation or refinements.
Gary Smith - University of Redlands (Retired)
Coach Hart's presentation is perfect for anyone looking to run the Vance Walberg 2-2-1 press.  He has the perfect mix of video highlights, slides with diagrams as well as some "chalk talk" on the coaches board to go over any questions that were asked.  If you're a team that wants to go "all in" on the Dribble Drive Motion Ofense  as well as the Vance Walberg press, he is the guy to watch!  

Nick Medicis -Rome Free Academy New York HS Coach
" Coach Hart's breakdown of the 2-2-1 press is very thorough and helpful. We have used it in the past and this was a great resource for our staff to have along with adding some great teaching points and drills to help with working on the press."

Mike Falco Hunterdon Central Regional HS (NJ)