DDM A to Z Course

Dribble Drive Motion Offense A to Z Course

A 13 chapter online course with video, diagrams, and instruction from Kurt Guelsdorf and Marc Hart

DDM A to Z E-book

How to Implement the Dribble Drive Motion Offense

DDM Practice Planning

Chapter 2 of the DDM A to Z course. Kurt Guelsdorf and Marc Hart help you design your Dribble Drive practices throughout your season.

DDM Drills

Chapter 3 we cover DDM Daily 45 drills, breakdown drills, shooting drills, transition drills, shooting machine shooting drills

DDM vs. Pressure Defense

Previously recorded on 9/21.

Part of the DDM A to Z Course. 

We discussed how to run DDM vs. Pressure Defenses.

DDM vs. Packline Defense

Course that was Recorded on 9/28 as part of our DDM  A to Z Course.

Instructors Kurt Guelsdorf and Marc

DDM vs. Switching Defense

Chapter 6 of the 13 part course. We go over how to run the offense vs. Switching Defense

DDM vs. Zone Defense

Course was recorded on 10/1/2020

Concepts and Sets to conquer the zone by Kurt Guelsdorf and Marc Hart

Chapter 7 of DDM A to Z Course

Advanced Dribble Drive Motion

Chapter 9 of 13 of the DDM A to Z course we will be covering Dribble handoffs and Ball Screen actions to help your Dribble Drive Offense

Dribble Drive Motion Variations

Virtual Clinic filmed on 0  Kurt Guelsdorf and Marc Hart

5 out, 3 out 2, 4 out 1 Ball Screen 

Chapter 8 of the DDM A to Z Course.

How to Utilize a Talented Big Inside DDM

Live Webinar on 10/12 at 6pm PT. We will be covering How to Utilize your Big Men within your DDM offense.

Dribble Drive Motion Special Situations

How to Develop Players for your Dribble Drive Motion Offense

Live Webinar on Oct. 19 at 9pm ET. 

Player Development for Dribble Drive Motion Offense

Guest Speaker: Doc Scheppler