5 out Dribble Drive Motion Offense - Marc Hart by Marc Hart

5 out Dribble Drive Motion Offense - Marc Hart

Virtual Clinic 

Coach Hart goes over his 5 out Dribble Drive Motion Offense he discusses:

  • Offensive Philosphy
  • Why Dribble Drive Motion?
  • Why 5 out?
  • Advantages of 5 out?
  • Layers he teaches
  • Transition Offense
  • Quick Hitters
Shows game clips to show you how they incorporate his "Key Free or Three" Philosophy

Advantages of 5 Out Dribble Drive Motion

This is an excerpt from the clinic by Coach Hart. Takes you through the Advantages of running 5 out Dribble Drive Motion.

What's included?

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5 out Dribble Drive Clinic Video.mp4
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5- Out Dribble Drive Motion Presentation Slides.pdf
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5 OUT Film Clips.m4v
6 mins
5 out Transition Celtics Clips.m4v
2 mins


Thought you did great job of explain the pros and cons that you believed in about Dribble Drive. I enjoyed your adaptation with Rick Torbett's terminology. I worked closely with him when I coached the Women at Citrus College. We ran nothing BUT R&R no plays for 4 years With enormous  SUCCESS
Eric Anderson Pomona High School